Laniwai Spa Therapies

Spa Therapies
  • Massage Therapies

    Lomilomi (50 or 80 minutes)

    The Lomilomi is a traditional Hawaiian massage that promotes healing. Passed down from generation to generation, this hands-on massage uses gentle, rhythmic pressure to relieve tension and help you achieve ultimate relaxation.

    Hana Pōlhaku Lomilomi (50 or 80 minutes)

    Heated stone massage has been valued for centuries for its healing and relaxing properties. This Lomilomi stone massage uses a combination of heat and rhythmic pressure to rejuvenate the body and soothe the mind.

    Kapa‘i Massage (80 minutes)

    In the Kapa‘i Massage, warmed poultices of muslin-wrapped herbs are steamed and kneaded onto the body, which absorbs the heat and herbs. This traditional treatment relieves muscle tension and conditions the skin.

    Shiatsu (50 minutes)

    Shiatsu is a hands-on, therapeutic massage originating in Japan. Named for the Japanese words for “finger” (shi) and “pressure” (atsu), shiatsu utilizes acupressure, applied with the thumbs and palms to specific areas of the body.

    Traditional Thai Massage (80 minutes)

    This treatment restores the body's free-flowing energy through massage, acupressure and gentle yoga. Performed on a futon while you wear loose, comfortable clothing, this massage eases your joints and muscles while relieving stress.

    Sports Massage (50 or 80 minutes)

    Sports therapy reduces swelling, relieves muscle tension and promotes flexibility. The perfect post-workout massage, it combines rigorous strokes and precision stretches to prevent injury from demanding physical activities.

    Reflexology (50 minutes)

    Reflexology is a therapeutic method of relieving pain. Pressure is applied to specific points on the feet and hands, alleviating pain elsewhere in the body. Reflexology can help promote health and relieve stress.

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  • Facial Treatments

    Skin Yoga (50 or 80 minutes)

    Skin Yoga will smooth lines and give your face a natural lift by combining the synergetic effects of detoxification, massage, lifting techniques, circulation boosters and CoffeeBerry® extract from CoffeeBerry® Natureceuticals™.

    Basic Skin Fitness (50 or 80 minutes)

    Using the latest technology in advanced AHA cosmeceuticals—the LCA Complex, a blend of lactic acid and essential vitamin antioxidants—this facial delivers visible results and is ideal for dry, sensitive skin and people with mature acne.

    Triathlon (50 or 80 minutes)

    Minimize fine lines and wrinkles, improve uneven skin tone and texture, and revitalize sun-damaged skin—all with a treatment that uses Idebenone Complex Superceuticals®, a powerful, anti-aging antioxidant.

    Certified Organic (50 or 80 minutes)

    The Purely Organic! Custom Facial softens and renews skin, provides antioxidant protection. Customized by skin type, it nourishes with organic seed oils, whole plant ingredients and restorative fruits from global fair-trade farms.

    Magical Glow (50 minutes)

    Feel youthful—inside and out—with a skin-refining exfoliation and vitamin-rich facial mask. Deeply infusing vitamins, antioxidants and peptides into your skin, this facial reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while tightening and firming the skin.

    Up in the Air (50 minutes)

    This customized skin treatment begins with a Clarisonic exfoliation. Then calming, pressurized oxygen, moisture, vitamins and antioxidants are infused into the skin—for a noticeable lift. Results are instant—and continue to improve for several days.

    Ultra Ageless (80 minutes)

    This anti-aging facial begins with an ultrasonic exfoliation to soften and renew the skin, followed by an Oxygen Infusion to restore your natural glow, and concludes with a non-surgical facelift. In the end, your skin will be revitalized and luminous!

    Skin Boosters

    Complement your facial with a variety of skin boosters, including:

    • Serum Infusion
    • Ultrasonic Exfoliation
    • LED Light Therapy
    • Eye Lift
    • HydraTone Mask

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  • Couples Treatments

    Honi Honi “Sealed with a Kiss” Duet

    Achieve pure relaxation together in your private suite. This treatment begins with a lomilomi couples massage, followed by a tropical body butter kiss.

    Ohia Lehua “Love Story” for Two

    Begin with a blended exfoliation of your choice; then enjoy a lomilomi massage with a tropical body butter kiss, all in your private couples suite.

    Pili Aloha “Loving Companionship”

    Rejuvenate yourselves with a duet body exfoliation, couples massage and facial of your choice, all in the intimate environment of your private suite.

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  • Signature Therapies

    Signature Lomilomi (50 or 80 minutes)

    In the traditional Hawaiian massage, gentle, rhythmic pressure relieves tension and promotes healing. Our Signature Lomilomi adds the uses of soothing Lomilomi sticks and warm river stones to help you achieve ultimate relaxation.

    Kilikili (80 minutes)

    Your treatment begins with a customized, exfoliating body polish in our outdoor hydrotherapy garden, Kula Wai. Then, enjoy a Lomilomi enhanced with fragrant coconut oil and misting jets of warm water, and finish with nourishing Hawaiian body butter. This treatment takes place in Lilinoe, our private rainwater suite.

    Waiwai (25 to 110 minutes)

    Select a Signature Exfoliation, customized from such choices as mango, plumeria, hibiscus, ginger, lime, vanilla, lilikoi and more. Then under warm mists in Lilinoe, our rainwater suite, enjoy a soothing Lomilomi massage and/or moisturizing Body Cocoon (such as the Volcanic Clay or Lehua Honey Body Cocoons).

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Spa therapies are subject to change.

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